Disclaimer: NOTARY911 LLC  engages to do its best effort to proceed to accomplish in due time and form the commission received, notwithstanding the customer accepts and releases and discharges NOTARY911 in the following cases:

1. The contents, truthfulness, and validity of a private or public document are the client’s exclusive responsibility, the signer of the document, or the issuing authority. Therefore, NOTARY911 assumes no responsibility for the contents of any document sent, either physically, electronically, or via fax to NOTARY911 to accomplish its commission.

2. The loss, misplacement, or miscarry of the document in transit or at any point during the way, in the carrier´s offices, warehouses, depots, or transports, will follow the air waybill terms and conditions. In the absence of a valid air waybill, the document´s owner will suffer the loss (“res perit domino”).

3. The stipulated time terms to accomplish the procedure are estimated and in workable days; they depend on government authorities and third parties different to NOTARY911.

4. The customer accepts and discharges NOTARY911 of any claim related to consequential damages and/or moral damages related to the non-execution or due time or form of the executed document.

5. If the document undergoes damages due to flood or fire, or results lost or destroyed in transit, or any other case, NOTARY911 will have as a maximum liability to reimburse the amount paid by the customer.

6. NOTARY911 will not be responsible for the proceeding of the service requested, notwithstanding NOTARY911 may have informed the customer that it could be done; because it is a third party fact, without NOTARY911 responsibility or intervention, as the proceeding is linked to the authorities under discretional and variable criteria.

7. NOTARY911 will do its best to keep the document’s privacy and confidentiality only when it is in NOTARY911 hands. NOTARY911 is not responsible for the document’s privacy and confidentiality when in transit or in proceeding time before the authorities.

8. Due to their own kind, this agreement expressly excludes penal responsibility of any kind. It is a good–faith agreement.

9. The submission of a document to NOTARY911 for processing represents the customer’s agreement with this disclaimer and best effort clause.

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