Letter of Exemplification


What is Letter of Exemplification?

Exemplification of Birth or Death Record (letter of exemplification) is a separate page. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene attaches to New York City issued birth and death certificates.
Exemplification means “an attested copy of a document, under official seal” in other words, a Letter of Exemplification attests that the attached birth or death certificate is a true and certified copy.
Remember – if you need to get an apostille for a long-form Birth or Death Certificate issued in any of New York City boroughs – you need to request the Letter of Exemplification.
If you need a Letter of Exemplification, you must request a new Long Form or Vault copy of your birth or death certificate.

You can make this request online, by mail, or in person. When you place your order for the birth/death certificate, make sure you explain the reason for your request, and the Health Department will determine if a Letter of Exemplification is needed.

Both a Letter of Exemplification and a Long Form birth certificate are needed for certain overseas transactions, for example, dual citizenship, marriage on foreign soil, adopting a child from another country, or buying foreign real estate.
If you plan to use your birth certificate in a foreign country, you may need to authenticate it through an Apostille or Certificate of Authentication.

Letter of Exemplification

Apostille for New York City issued birth certificates

The standard apostille procedure for NYC birth certificates requires that your long-form birth certificate be accompanied by the Letter of Exemplification to be authenticated by the County Clerk and later apostilled by the Department of State. Sometimes exemplification of a birth certificate is required by the foreign institution or country. You always need to check the requirements.