Marriage Certificate Apostille NYC

Apostille For Marriage Certificate In New York

The turnaround time for the New York State apostille is currently 7-10 business days. We don’t offer same or next day apostilles at the moment.

Short vs. long-form of Marriage Certificate

Similar to New York City issued Birth Certificates, there are two separate forms of marriage certificate – short form (“Marriage Record for domestic use”) and extended form (“Marriage Record for foreign use”).

NYC Certificate of Marriage Registration for foreign use (extended)

NYC Certificate of Marriage Registration for foreign use (extended)

NYC Certificate of Marriage Registration for foreign use (extended)

NYC Certificate of Marriage registration (short form)

NYC Marriage Certificate Apostille Procedure

Step One: Obtaining the Record

You can order and pick up your Marriage Certificate from any of the 5 New York City Marriage BureauBureau’s – there is one in each New York City borough (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island).

Please remember: For apostille or foreign embassy legalization purposes, you will need to obtain an extended certified copy of the marriage certificate with an Acting City Clerk’s original signature.

The Extended form has additional information on it (i.e., info about the groom & bride’s parents, the father’s name, mother name, witnesses, previous marriages, etc.); this information is not on the short form.

According to the standard apostille procedure, only a certified copy of an extended marriage Certificate can be apostilled. There should be an original hand signature and the certification stamp of the City Clerk. This is the first step for getting an Apostille for your Marriage Registration or certificate.

Step Two: Authentication by the County Clerk

The County Clerk must authenticate the new York City-issued Marriage Certificate to be submitted for apostille or certificate of authentication. As we mentioned before, the marriage certificate should bear the wet signature of the City Clerk together with an embossed seal and Certification Stamp at the back.

Due to the volume of matters received, the County Clerk of New York County generally requires three weeks to process authentication applications submitted by mail. Documents presented in proper form in person are processed immediately.

Step Three: Issuance of a Birth Certificate Apostille or Certificate of Authentication

The third step in the process is the issuance of the marriage certificate apostille or certificate of authentication by the New York State Department of State. An apostille application form must be completed. The documents in question, properly authenticated, must be attached and a fee paid.

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