Legally Notarize Your Documents Remotely

Notary911 provides a remote notary public 24×7 so you can sign and notarize documents from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Upload your documents

Your document should be in high-quality PDF format. If your document isn’t a PDF, you’ll have to convert the file before you can upload it.

Please remember that you won’t be able to add anything to the document after electronic notarization – the document needs to be filled out completely – except the signature.

Confirm your ID

Before you meet with our notaries, we’ll ask you a few questions about yourself to confirm your identity. You can be asked to upload your ID or/and answer a few questions.


During your scheduled meeting, you’ll be connected with a notary through a two-way video call where you’ll sign and the notary will notarize the document electronically.

After notarization, you will be able to access and download your document.

Frequently asked questions about online notarizations

Remote online notarization eliminate the need for both parties to be physically present. With this, it becomes possible for an individual who is signing with a two-way video-conference can be deemed as legally “appearing” which allows them the legal capacity and validates their signature without any additional requirements needed other than being visible on camera during each stage of the procedure
Remote online notaries are an effective way for people who cannot be in the physical presence of their signers to still get legal documents signed.


Absent the notary’s personal knowledge of signers, they need to go through a process to verify their identity. The first step is confirming that photo ID and then going back with a few security questions.

The first part of the verification process is credential analysis. During this step, a signer’s government-issued photo ID (such as driver’s license) will be analyzed and confirmed by using third party technology to ensure its security features are intact while also confirming that it’s current or has been issued with proper authority.

To ensure that the person signing is who they say, there’s a series of several dynamically-generated questions about the signer from public records and other trusted proprietary data sources.

Examples of these types of questions include the following:

  • “Which of the following colleges did you attend?”

  • “What model of BMW did you lease in 2019?

  • “In what county did you live in 2020?”

Each document to be signed is displayed on the device screens of the signer and online notary. When instructed by the notary, the signer applies their previously electronically-created signature to the document. Then, the notary uses their digital seal and signature and completes any applicable portions of the notary certificate). The final document has applied to it a digital signing certificate, which is unique to the online notary public. This digital certificate makes the final electronic document “tamper-evident” once applied. So any attempts to alter the tamper-evident document’s contents will be evident to any party accessing that document and its digital record.

Upload your document

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Our prices

Notarize 1 document

  • Video meeting with state-approved notary
  • One notary seal included Additional seals $10 each
  • One signer with authentication included. Additional signers with authentication $35 each
  • Identity verification technology


$Pay As You Go
  • Send out documents to your clients instantly
  • Bulk pricing for multiple documents
  • Faster and more convenient than in-person notaries
  • Connect with us for your business notarization needs